Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sorry friends, I can't afford to run the service anymore and I don't have time to maintain it.

If you would like to host the service and take full charge of it, please let me know. The traffic these days is pretty light.


NIMHOST said...

i will host your site contact me at

networkx said...

Hi Harlan,
Our company is interested in resuming the project (and hosting it of course)if you have an interest. We would like to discuss the details first, if you would reach us @
Ronn W.

networkx said...


John said...

I am definitely interested in taking over and hosting this project. I think this is a wonderful project and would love to be a part of it.

Thank you


ccvchecker1 said...

my company in asia is interested in this project and we can host it. contact me at Thanks

anand said...


Our iMedia will surely be very interested in helping you in every way possible to continue the project. We are always looking forward to support open source projects.

Please contact me directly at


Jaiz said...

I'm ready to host this project on my site. I would love to help in the development. contact me at

You won't have to pay for anything. I'll t5ake care of the hosting and domain name.

Ryan Tremblay said...

Hello, We have a cluster of xmpp servers in which we can host and continue keeping the servers up for you. If you are still in need, please goto our site and contact us:

. said...

Alright about 8 different people have contacted you, and still Soashable is not up... Plus how can you call this open source, the app is dependent on files stored on your servers. This is pretty lame...

guru said...

Hello Dear,
I can host your project.
If you can provide me this service I am very great full to you.
Thanks and Regards

frank2009 said...

any luck folks?

_ said...

Soashable is for sale. If interested, please contact to acquire the site.


Russ said...

Hey everyone! Soashable is back ONLINE! you can go to if you care to use it. I am taking over this project and hope that if any developers are out there that want to assist, to please let me know! Contact me at

Russ said...

Also, new blog at
Hope to hear from you all!!


Russ said...

UPDATE: Having some issues with email, so if your still interested in assisting please email me at!