Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Just a shout out to Userplane; they have been getting a lot of good press lately. I finally took the time to check out their site in depth. They are offering some nice products similar to the direction I am working toward with Soashable. Their offerings are closed source, which is of course their right. Soashable will always be Open Source and I imagine playing catch-up with offerings from other companies unless more people get involved with the project.

Here are a few of their interesting products (headers are links):

Web Chat

This is a simple, free embedded chat room similar to the old idea of tagboards. In some ways it is also like a light version of the MeeboMe widget.

Web Messenger

This is the product that has been getting the great reviews lately. It is similar to the MeeboMe widget crossed with Facebook chat. It is free with ad support, and reasonably priced otherwise.


This is an interesting idea and actually one of the next ideas I was going to suggest with the recently added support for x-domain connections to Xmpp4Js. There is no free version of this product.

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