Monday, July 21, 2008

Contributor Wishlist

Being that Soashable is an Open Source project, there is limited money and manpower to make things happen. If I had contributors to Soashable, I would wish for:

A Logo
Probably the most hated part of Soashable is the logo. I'm not one for graphic or UI design, and am not capable of doing anything myself to improve the situation.

Tutorials and High Level Documentation
I've not done a lot to communicate what Soashable actually is because I've been busy trying to make a solid piece of software. I'm trying to put emphasis there now.

Facebook Chat-like Interface
I've been calling on people I know to implement this since Facebook Chat was announced and sneek-previewed on YouTube. Meebo now has a spitting image of what I hoped to deliver with Soashable.

It would be nice to not have to pay for Soashable's infrastructure and maintain it myself. I'd rather just code and try out new ideas.

Xmmp4Js with Chaining API
This is a fun research item, but this weekend I had the idea of meshing jQuery-like function chaining with an API for XMPP. The result would look something like this:
$xmpp.connect("").login({node: "harlan", password: "zzzzz", method: "sasl-md5"});
$xmpp.createMessage({to: "".asJid(), body: "Sup player"}).addExtension({xtype:"xhtml",body: "Sup <b>player</b>"}).send();
$xmpp.createMessage({to: "".asJid()}).addExtension({xtype:"buddystates",state: "typing"}).send();
I'd love to make this wrap and maybe replace the existing inheritance based API. Read this article.

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