Friday, May 16, 2008

MinneBar, ExtJs

It's been a busy week, but there were some interesting developments:

I gave what amounted to a QA session about XMPP and COMET technologies at MinneBar last Saturday. A fellow I know named Chris Barber pointed out a fundamental flaw in Soashable's design (zomg); and that is that the browser limit of 2 connections to a given host is effective across multiple tabs.

The issue can be addressed within BOSH by ghetto rigging some inter-frame communication and using BOSH's ability to open multiple streams from within one connection. But do I want to do that? Hell no.

Another way it could possibly be addressed is by using a random subdomain for each Soashable client. That is, redirects or has an iframe to www[random]

Another recent development is clarification on people's warnings to not use EXTjs, here. It's time to port away from it and toward Dojo. That will provide a very tedious task, but will allow me to go back and architect (not re... that would imply it was done the first time ;) Soashable in a nice way, now that I understand the problem space better.

An alternative would be to use a RIA technology. Oh, my!

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